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Rob Gagnon

Rob Gagnon

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Rob Gagnon is the Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Lands’ End.  In this role, Gagnon is responsible for developing and implementing growth strategies in merchandising for the brand, as well as testing new strategies and concepts for future growth.

Gagnon an expert in merchandising with 35 years of experience and an extensive background in catalog and digital merchandising.  Gagnon has developed a unique way of giving the customer what they want while gently pushing them forward into new ideas and looks.  He has a great balance between the “art and science” of the business.  Prior to Lands’ End, Gagnon held senior positions at Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret.  
Gagnon graduated from Otterbein College, Westerville Ohio, with a BA in Business and a BA in Fashion, with four minors.


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