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Kelly Ritchie

Kelly Ritchie

Senior Vice President of Employee Services
Lands' End, Inc.

As senior vice president of employee services‚ Kelly Ritchie has devoted her entire career to making Lands’ End a great place to work‚ spending time with employees and listening to their insights. She is responsible for all of the employee service functions including recruitment‚ development‚ benefits, compensation, and employee communications as well as the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. A seasoned Lands’ End veteran‚ Ritchie is the perfect person to manage the company’s most important asset: its people. Ritchie joined Lands’ End in 1985 and became vice president and executive team member in 1995. Previously in her career she led Customer Service and the Distribution Centers for Lands’ End.

Ritchie earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.




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