Lands' End

Land's End


  • Andrew McLean

    Andrew McLean

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bernard McCracken

    Bernard McCracken

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Peter Gray

    Peter Gray

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Angie Rieger

    Angie Rieger

    Chief Transformation Officer
  • Jamin Dick

    Jamin Dick

    Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Scott Heise

    Scott Heise

    Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Stuart Hogue

    Stuart Hogue

    Senior Vice President, US Direct
  • Holahan

    Michael Holahan

    Senior Vice President, Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Kym Maas

    Kym Maas

    Senior Vice President, Product and Merchandising
  • Claudia Mazo

    Claudia Mazo

    Managing Director, International
  • Jim O’Connor

    Jim O’Connor

    Senior Vice President and General Manager
  • Kelly Ritchie

    Kelly Ritchie

    Chief HR Officer
  • trainor

    Matt Trainor

    Senior Vice President, Brand Creative
  • Molly Yearick

    Molly Yearick

    Senior Vice President, Wholesale and Retail
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